111 West 17th Street, NYC
(212) 691.4477

Queso Flameado

Cheese baked in a small cast iron skillet is available with a few different mix-in options. The one I tried was “Norteno” style, with ground up chorizo beneath the thick and gooey blanket of cheese. The tasty crust that formed on top from being under the broiler (or maybe by being sprinkled with tequila and set on fire?) was the best part.

Tacos de Carne Asada

Extremely pricey at $7 a taco, but the meat was flavorful and perfectly grilled.

Taquitos de Chilorio

Of the three dishes these small, crispy pork rolls had the least oomph, but the duo of dipping sauces was delicious.

The steak tacos are also available in an entree size, and the skillet of queso is accompanied with a cup of guacamole and flour tortillas. This amount of food was perfect for two people.

The Margarita Clasica (not pictured) that I ordered to wash all this down with was not good. The tartness was overpowering and the tequila seemed non-existant, so I was basically drinking a watered down, sour limeade. I have a hunch sitting at the bar during happy hour (when the margaritas are only $5) makes a difference with how the drinks turn out.


3 thoughts on “Crema

    • I used to love the queso fundido (same thing if done right) at a restaurant here in NY called Zarela. Unfortunately they closed last year (on my birthday, wah) and this is the first time I’ve had something similar. I daresay it was even better than Zarela’s version…

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