TCM: 31 Days of Oscar

image via TCM

At 6:00 AM EST on Wednesday, February 1st, Turner Classic Movies will be kicking off their 31 Days of Oscar series – a month-long event that will showcase more than 300 award winning and nominated films from years past. Last year they built the schedule around trivia categories such as “The Most Writing Nominations” and “Best Picture, But Not Most Academy Awards”. This year’s theme is Around the World with Oscar, so every day of the schedule is broken up by film locales to “take you around the world and beyond”.

I’m looking forward to watching The Wild Bunch (a Sam Peckinpah film set in Mexico), which I’ve seen many times before, as well as films I’ve never seen like The Last Metro (France) and East of Eden (California). The series will definitely eat up space on my DVR and I’ll have to put my scheduled recordings of Cheers and King of the Hill on hold for the month.

The interactive schedule and film information site is here, and the PDF schedule is here.

Also, here is an excellent promotional video from TCM.


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