Project 52

Last year a friend of mine completed Project 365, an individual photography challenge to document a whole year by making and choosing one photo for each day. This year she decided not to do it so, over dinner one night, we formulated a new project.  Enter Project 52.

The guidelines we created are fairly simple.  Shoot frequently and choose one photo every week for the project. To add extra fun to this challenge, we decided that we would also create required categories: Food, Outdoors, Movement, and Black & White. Food was an easy choice because we both love to photograph food. The other three categories were used because they were themes that we wanted to work on through the year.

Every four weeks we have to start our rotation of categories over again, although we don’t always have to use the same order in each 4-week cycle. At the end of the year, we’ll have thirteen photos in each category as a series, as well as a loose timeline of how our year evolved. So far there are four people (including myself) participating in this project.

This is the nearest thing I have to a New Year’s resolution for 2012, and I hope I can keep it up all year.

Here’s a look at my project gallery: 2012 Project 52.


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