221 Closter Dock Road, Closter, NJ
(201) 768.2077

Spicy squid and vegetables

This sizzling vessel contained an abundance of squid and spicy heat. This was my favorite dish of our meal.

Shrimp rice

Served in a sizzling clay pot (like a bibimbap), this casserole was spicy and had great flavor, and the shrimp were plentiful.


As a meat-lover, I always love bulgogi and this one was pretty decent although, as is obvious from the photo, it was swimming in excess oil.

Duk bok gi

These are rice cakes simmered in a sweet and savory sauce. I wouldn’t want to eat all of this as an entree, but it’s a good appetizer to split with many people.

Seaweed covered in sweet & spicy sauce (complimentary banchan)

Kimchi (complimentary banchan)

Seafood and noodle soup

Compared to everything else that we had on the table, this didn’t have as much flavor. It would be good to have when I have a cold, though.

The price was great for so much food. Between six of us we ordered five entrees (spicy tofu not pictured) and one large appetizer, and received about five to six complimentary banchan to start with. It was way more food than we needed. We each ended up paying around $24 and left with full bellies and leftovers. Oh, they also gave out little Styrofoam cups of vanilla (flavored, artificially) ice cream at the end of our meal.


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