864 Madison Avenue, NYC
(646) 558.3157

When I’ve walked by Ladurée in the past the line has been looped several times inside the small store, and has even extended out the door. Now that the holidays are behind us, things seem a little quieter. When I went on a recent afternoon there were only about four customers inside the store so I didn’t have to wait long to order.

Even though I rarely drink coffee, I always order coffee macarons if it’s an option. I also bought a salted caramel, a rose, and a black currant. I usually include at least one chocolate but decided to skip it this time in favor of trying the berry flavor.

Top to bottom: coffee, black currant, salted caramel, rosewater

As usual they were all delicate and delicious. The black currant had just the right amount of tart over sweet, the caramel had the flavor of a rich browned butter (although not as salty as I expected), the rose was mild with a lovely floral taste, and the coffee was a great miniature version of the beverage, in both smell and flavor.


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