9 Doyers Street, NYC
(212) 406.0400

Next door from Pulqueria, cocktail lounge Apotheke has a street-level entrance, but a chronically closed appearance from the outside. Inside, stoic young bartenders (ahem, mixologists) in lab coats take their jobs very seriously as they pour, shake, and style fancy drinks from a pharmaceutical themed menu. Each mixologist appears to only be responsible for executing a subset of the cocktail list, while middlemen in vests and handlebar moustaches harmonize orders between them and also help liaise with customers.

I was in the mood for tart and spicy, so there were several suitable choices that I tried: Root of the Earth, Jasmine Sour (my favorite, when made without the egg whites), Chinatown Julep, and Blueberry Mauritius. The boys behind the bar were more than accommodating about omitting ingredients if it suited my taste. Although I don’t normally order heavily fruit-based cocktails I was ready to try several of their specialty drinks and was very pleased with the combinations.

Clockwise from left: Blueberry Mauritius, Blood Orange Bourbon Sour, Dr. Ruth


4 thoughts on “Apotheke

  1. i LOVE this place. I spent one of my birthdays there! I’m so glad you found it! After reading your last post on Doyers St, I was about to suggest it.

    • I actually went down to that street because I was craving Nom Wah Tea Parlor and had suggested Apotheke for after dinner. When my friend and I met up on the street, she mentioned that she had been wanting to check out the secret Mexican restaurant and we realized it was owned by the same people. I had a great time at Apotheke, I’m looking forward to going back and trying more cocktails 🙂

  2. Glad you made it here too. I kept trying to convince Boji to come here with me but he was turned off because he was denied entrance years ago.

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