Talenti Gelato

Talenti gelato is my new favorite frozen dessert. The Texas-based company stands out from the crowd with their elegant packaging and interesting flavors. I saw them on sale at my grocery store recently so I decided to get six (!) different flavors at once. I had only ever tried the Sea Salt Caramel before and it was so creamy and delicious that I couldn’t wait to try others.

Of the five that were new to me, I started with Mediterranean Mint. Right away I noticed that my first bowl of it had an odd taste to it, a bit like plastic. I didn’t notice this when I had first tried the caramel flavor. Talenti doesn’t add any sort of protective seal between the inside of the lid and the top of the ice cream so it’s possible that first scoop was affected by being in contact with the plastic lid. As I got further into the container, however, the off taste went away and the cool, refreshing taste of the mint came through more. The shards of bittersweet chocolate were a nice complement to the mint.

Next, I tried the Belgian Milk Chocolate. Fortunately, there was no weird taste in the first scoop. It tasted like a premium milk chocolate. Or like a great cup of hot chocolate when you use whole milk instead of water. It wasn’t too sweet, and definitely had no artificial taste. I really like this one!

I was really looking forward to tasting the Caramel Cookie Crunch and it didn’t disappoint. The cookies were chocolate wafers, similar to the cookie part of Oreos. I found that some of the cookie bits were soft, but most were crispy. The caramel flavor reminded me of the Sea Salt Caramel gelato.

One of the reasons I like Talenti is that a little bit goes a long way. The flavors and texture are so rich, one small scoop is usually enough to satisfy my sugary cravings. Once I get through all the gelato flavors I can find, I’ll also try their sorbetto offerings.


3 thoughts on “Talenti Gelato

  1. Ohh I have been dying to try these! I’m glad you went the extra mile to taste test them for me first — though it doesn’t sound like there was really a loser in the bunch. However the Caramel Cookie Crunch is definitely calling my name!

    • So far the Salted Caramel and Belgian Milk Chocolate are my two favorites, just slightly above Caramel Cookie Crunch. I keep seeing more and more flavors in different grocery stores so my trek through their selection seems like it’s only just begun!

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