Potato Gnocchi

I’ve tried to make gnocchi a bunch of times before and this is the best they’ve come out. In the past I’ve added too much flour and they’ve come out very dense and with a raw flour taste. I’ve also tried to make it without egg and I haven’t been able to master that at all (but I’ll keep trying). For my latest attempt, I used this recipe but made a smaller amount, omitted the salt, and added cheese. I also baked my potatoes instead of boiling them so I suppose I used the recipe more as a loose guide for technique.

I was so happy with the finished product. The potato flavor stood out more than in any of my previous trials, and I realized that handling the dough as little as possible was important to keeping it light. This recipe couldn’t be simpler.

I baked two medium sized Russet potatoes and let them cool almost completely before pressing the insides through a potato ricer. With a fork, I incorporated one beaten egg into the mound of potato, and then about 1/4 cup of grated Parmesan. Next I added flour, a little at a time, and used a scraper to fold the dough over on itself as many times as it took until there wasn’t an excess of dough all over the board. I ended up using about 1/2 a cup of all-purpose flour, until it seemed just dry enough to handle. Then I gathered the soft dough into a ball and cut it into quarters. On a floured board I rolled out ropes of dough and used the scraper to cut off small bite-sized pieces.

The gnocchi were boiled in a big pot of water and removed when they floated to the top. I added them to a waiting pan of garlic slivers in browned butter with dried thyme sprinkled in. Just before eating, I added more cheese on top for extra saltiness. Yum.


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