Old NYC Photos

Last week, the New York City Department of Records unveiled their Municipal Archives Online Gallery, a collection of more than 870,000 images and other forms of media spanning over 100 years.  Shortly after news spread that the gallery was available, the site was overwhelmed with visits and was taken offline for almost a week.  Every day I checked back in to see if it was back up and last night it finally was!

The gallery is divided into smaller sub-collections, some based on former politicians, and others based on government departments. I started in the Municipal Archives Collection where I found many photos of aerial shots, city infrastructure, and buildings, but the most interesting ones were the ones that included people. Later I used the advanced search tool to find more photos based on specific metadata.

Here are some photos that caught my eye:

Tattoo artist on Bowery, 1938; Jack Dempsey and children; Office party, 1960s; Parade in Brooklyn, 1941

Schoolchildren in Chinatown; Fruit vendors at 40th Street & 9th Avenue in the 1930s; Rockaway Beach, 1927

I also found some photos of my current neighborhood from 1930-31:

Lexington Avenue along 86th and 94th Streets


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