The Meatball Shop

84 Stanton Street, NYC

I had wanted to try The Meatball Shop since last year, so when my cousin recently suggested it for an early dinner I quickly agreed. Our server explained the ordering system, which consisted of a laminated menu and a black marker to check off the items we wanted. There were a few small sections of the menu but they all involved meatballs. We could have meatballs on their own with a choice of sauces, or in a variety of sandwiches. Once we ordered our food arrived very quickly.

Buffalo Chicken Balls

Chicken “Smash” with pesto and mozzarella: two meatballs pressed between a griddled brioche bun

Spicy pork balls over mashed potatoes with classic tomato sauce

The meatballs here are definitely not dry, in fact they were so tender they were falling apart on our forks. On their own they don’t have much flavor so the sauces and sides are key here. We were told the Buffalo Chicken Balls was a popular item and that we were lucky to be there on a night when it was a special. The sauces on that dish were tangy and it was a nice, zesty start to our meal. The Smash was tasty, but they had used so much butter grilling the sandwich that all we could taste (and see on our hands) was grease. If I were to order this again I would ask them to go easy on the butter. The arugula salad that came on the side was lightly dressed with vinaigrette and helped cut through the butter overload from the sandwich.

We finished our meal with an ice cream sandwich; we chose caramel ice cream between a Snickerdoodle cookie and a peanut butter cookie. The cookies were good, but the ice cream on its own was even better.

If I’m ever in the area again I might pop in for a meatball hero and a glass of wine.


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