White Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’ve had an unopened bag of white chocolate chips in my refrigerator for some time now and I finally got around to using it in these cookies, as well as some dried cranberries and pecans I had on hand. I used a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe for the dough because I love the buttery, brown sugar flavor. I really liked the combination of the sweet white chocolate, the tart cranberries, and the crunchy pecans. Next time I make this cookie I plan to overload it with the mix-ins so it’s chunkier.


Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

I always say: When life gives you Meyer lemons, make lemon cupcakes. Okay, I don’t say that – but I was craving lemon cupcakes recently. I had only ever made vanilla or chocolate cupcakes before so I was hoping my first attempt would turn out okay. After recent success with a new chocolate cupcake recipe, my new rule for baking cakes or cupcakes is that one of the ingredients must be sour cream. Some quick research on the web gave me two recipes, one for the cake and one for a lemon cream cheese frosting.

When I was prepping these, I forgot to zest any of the lemon so I left out the zest called for in the cake recipe. Regardless, these cupcakes came out lovely. They’re not too sweet, not too tart (although that may be due to the fact that I used Meyers), and have a nice buttery flavor. The frosting was great, also – luscious and tangy and very smooth.